Singapore Tanjong Katong Bites

I am way behind my work in my professional life, so that sets me back even further with my blog. That upsets me a little. To keep myself motivated, I’m working on a new website and blog to reflect all fun projects I’ve initiated and finished as well as what I’ve done with social media for the last 2-3 years, from conceiving a strategy starting from 0 to executing it myself—feels abit like running my own company, from big picture to the nitty gritty. I’m grateful for all the autonomy I have on the job.

So, stay tuned!

Back to my trip home, our dining crew has moved over to the East side, we’ve been spending more time discovering our neighbourhood. R & M just moved into a lovely cosy studio surrounded by good local food.

katong chicken rice

We started with chicken rice 南香鸡饭 Nan Xiang Ji Fan, half a portion of roast and half steamed white and ordered sides of roast pork and Kailan. The chicken rice was okay, but nothing mind blowing (the holland village Ipoh horfun place does a better one, order the silky chicken!). The roasts were lean, dry and miserable, and clearly the least favourite being the only leftovers.

We finished with sea salt caramel ice cream and a mudpie from the Ice Cream Gallery to celebrate Mo crepepepepek’s birthday. A very cosy little artisan ice cream place serving great desserts. Happy birthday Mo! If you had to order one thing, go with the sea salt caramel ice cream.

The “moist chocolate cake” is deceiving as it looks decadent and rich but is really dry and flakey. Don’t order that. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning finding out you have no presents. boo. Not worth a single calorie!

singapore icecream gallery katong

The mud pie is really really good.
singapore ice cream gallery cake katong

南香鸡饭 Nan Xiang Ji Fan
Don’t know the exact address, but it’s on Tanjong Katong Road, just opposite the Caltex petro station.

Ice Cream Gallery
240 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: +65 62350870

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