Macau Living: Mexican Treat

mexican lunch macau

One of my closest and dearest friend I made in Macau is Mexican and also coincidentally married to a chef.While Macau living is nothing like in that romanticised exotic movie set in skyfall, it isn’t all about casinos and glitzy bright lights (well, for the large part it is).

lisboa macau

Macau is charmingly ugly, and everyday is about finding pockets of quirkiness and hope to fall into. I try to remember what I used to do in provincial town Treviso, where I spent some of the best times of my life-eating the freshest Italian produce, endless creative conversations with my international friends all suffering from ennui, creating alot, going to the open air markets, bicycling everywhere, vintage stores filled with treasures, throwing home parties and Thai/Singaporean cookouts as well as picnics in the countryside.

A large part of the year, the 12km cycling route to get to and from work is breathtaking – oh and did I mention I only learnt how to ride a bicycle in Italy?

poppy fields treviso italy

Macau isn’t an ounce as romantic as Italy and I’m nearly a decade older than when I was living in Italy, so priorities change, although I still yearn for those kind of creative conversations and making stuff.

salmon piri piri mexican
mexican salmon piri piri

The lovely H, my Mexican friend, fellow blogger, avid photographer and bilingual social media maven who also just relaunched her blog aromas&sabores invited me over for lunch made Salmon Pibil-what looked like a super complex and delicious Mexican meal which she says wasn’t completely authentic as she was afraid to go full throttle in case we couldn’t take the real Mexican spice. I’ve never been to Mexico or have many Mexican friends, so this was as authentic I’d probably get until visiting the country myself!

Great homemade ice cream (by H’s pastry chef hubby) for an aftermeal affogato in beautiful cups!

macau coffee

For more ideas on delish Mexicana food check out H’s growing recipe index.

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