Macao Va Heng: traditional Eggs Noodles Maker


Here’s my favourite noodle shop Va Heng Macao that’s been making traditional egg noodles for the last 5 generations. They also do the best and purest oyster sauce (168MOP) per bottle but you only need a dollop because it’s so salty with the giddy flavours of the sea, you will never use Lee Kum Kee ever again.

Best used over blanched vegetables! I am not a fan of XO sauce, but they also do homemade bottles. They go through a few hundred eggs a day to make noodles all day.

making egg noodles macau

making making noodles
Kind of what we get when making the dough for pasta.

making noodles mcau
Then they go into these giant steamer/frying equipment at the back of the shop to become this:

macau crispy noodles

I’ve only bought noodles here once, usually I go next door to have those noodles with specially homemade beancurd. More on that in my next post!

Va Heng fabrica de massas de farinha

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