How to Fillet A Fish

It takes a different kind of skillset to fillet a fish. The fish mongers make it look so effortless. I’ve watched plenty of the fish experts do it in the market in Singapore, Hong Kong and France and how they swiftly tear off fish skin at one go. If I had a fish fetish I would have found that really sexy.

The same thing goes on at home when chef fillets the fish – deliveries we order directly from the suppliers. I’ve only ever gutted fish as a kid helping out in the kitchen, but I never advanced to filleting a fish professionally. So, given how often I watch, here’s a step by step of chef working on a beautiful sea bass we got from the Les Halles market in Tours Centre.

Here we go, how to fillet a fish properly step by step done like a pro. The images are self explanatory – it was gutted and scaled at the fish mongers when we took it home.

To begin, you need a really sharp knife – that’s half the battle won.

For the other fish like sole and turbot, you’d have to rip off the skin in one go.


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