2013: Instagram highlights

bilbaobab instagram

Well, here has 2013 gone? It has flown me by again and it’s the time of year for hard drive spring cleaning, social channels housekeeping and reflecting on how fast, furious and exciting this year’s been.

Here are some highlights from my Instagram in 2013, the rubber duckie craze that made International news headlines many places, another wonderful Summer in France eating the best produce of sea and land, weddings, friends with newborns, revisiting my old life in Beijing, getting into the Macau groove of life with necklace workshops and what not. And well, of course cooking and eating out.

Seems to be a running theme of fish and noodles – all by clear coincidence, but this Pisces undeniably also loves noodles.

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So, how did your 2013 go? :)

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