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One of the best things about Macau is it hasn’t been cleaned up and gentrified like many cities. The old locals are still grumpy as hell, there are random little flea markets and really old shops that have collected dust for decades filled with Macau vintage treasures from bowls to posters and 1800s postcard to Portuguese families that lived here and through World War I and II, there are boxes of old postcards addressed to Europeans living here then for sale for 10MOP (less than a Euro for a rich personal piece of history!).

Some of my favourite finds I’ve amassed over the 18 months since I relocated here, including an old jeweller’s chit – check out the typography and illustrations! And a 1940s Century egg factory poster in Hong Kong – and I used two streets down from the old factory based on the address!

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Old records that still work! Look at the colour scheme and design layout! Treasures!

These ping pong playing kids bowls belong in my family. And I found the whole set on sale at my secret little vintage shop. Other finds include interesting perfume glass bottles, cocktail glasses and ornate liquer bottles.

So much history, so many stories and not enough time to find out who, where, how and what about these treasured vintage items.


Read more on my Firecracker labels collection here. And if you’re a collector, some are up on Etsy. :)

post by Juliana Loh

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