Culture: 25th Macao Arts Festival

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I haven’t quite made sense of the erratic line up of the Macau Arts Festival Programme 2014. Some shows like Wild Rice’s all male cast performance of The importance of being Ernest was brilliant as was Japanese artist Hiroaki umeda’s detailed precision (but people in front row seats left before interval and the rest slept for the two super shows) but today’s 360 dome cinema was a load of avant garde crap. Thankfully only 35mins. Such a random festival line up and a huge pity – amazing shows and world class artists but no respect from the audience. And needless to say, there was probably a dream budget that was poorly managed and neither fills needs, inspires nor educates. Shame.


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But tonight, the festival’s final closing spectacle – an audio visual feast projected on the UNESCO heritage site St Paul Ruins showed so much promise. While one can barely make out the dialogue and the voiceovers, the visual feast of colours from Mondrian style colours and patterns with the upbeat dynamic soundtrack which included snippets of video games animae was enough to mesmerise the crowd for the whole 20 minutes.


Here’s pretty much how awesome the show was – captured without a tripod.

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