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tribe organics beijing

Tribe Beijing : What a pleasant surprise to find the scene brightening up with homegrown organic food – with a selection of gluten free baked options and green juices made à la minute. I’ve been out of the scene for a while, but the young lady who served me told me they’ve just been opened for 3 months. I didn’t get to try the food here having eaten too many meals in a day, but I saw the table beside me devouring a salad and chicken wings – they looked great and I’m sure they are. I can’t wait to go back and eat there.


Brain child of Chef Brandon Trowbridge (of NOLA – one of my favourite brunch places when I was still living in Beijing), someone is finally shaking up the scene to make good and healthy food available for those who choose to.

tribe organics beijing

I know some friends adamant that the gluten free diet is bullshit, but I’ve gone through so many rounds of blood tests for allergy and I am in fact gluten sensitive that makes me bloat and gives me swollen ankles from water retention. I won’t die from gluten consumption, but it certainly makes me feel bloated and awful!

green juice tribe organic

Good coffees, green juices and a selection of gluten free baked goods – a great way to spend the afternoon. Oh, and they have high speed wifi too.

China View, 2 Gongti Dong Lu, Chaoyang district (its at the Hooters building in Sanlitun where the Den is located, but if you live in Beijing, you likely know exactly where it is!)

Tel: 8587 1899.


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