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While I have never been part of the fashion forward crew, and certainly not a shopping type for the lack of patience. But then, there are the late nights I am trawling Pinterest and Etsy and buying one off pieces painstakingly made by creatives. Chatelles shoes are my latest crush, they didn’t have a physical store space till last year and I picked up two pairs this summer. A close friend in Beijing who moved back to Paris and now lives in London introduced them to me a couple of years ago and swore they are the most versatile and comfortable shoes ever.


Shoes always eat my feet, but I have to say it took me only a weekend to break them in and now they fit perfectly. There’s also a lovely story behind the brand for a man who made shoes for his love who then left him. For those who believe the superstition of gifting shoes to your other half is paving a way for them to walk away from you. I am not entirely a believer, but ironically my French husband buys into this tale that he first heard of when he moved to Asia over a decade ago.

chatelles shoes

Customise the tassels and mix and match however you like. You can also choose to have your initials stitched across. Little did I know that the Middleton sisters also wear them, so I guess that’s on the hip list, making myself accidentally hip in the realm of fashion. All the shoes are handmade in Portugal so the same size fitting might vary with each shoe lovingly made with care.

chatelles bleu

So, here are my two pairs and I am looking forward to add to the collection. They just launched a sparkly and pointy toe edition – definitely worth checking out!

Chatelles Paris

94 Rue du Bac, 75007

Paris, France

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