Shop: Vintage Couture in Macao

Recently I was introduced to a lovely lady Robyn at one of the International Ladies Club Macau (ILCM) events. She has a treasure trove of vintage – let’s just start with her wardrobe and she’s holding a charity event next week:

Saturday  24th  3.00pm  –  5.00pm.  @  the  Nova  Park  Apartments  Taipa  

Meet  in  Block  3   between  3pm  and  3.15  pm 

Fashion  Parade  starts  at  3.30pm.   Light  refreshments  and  champagne  punch.

And even if you didn’t live in Macao and would like to purchase any of those pieces, please leave a comment here and I can connect you with Robyn.

Vintage holds a close place to my heart, while I appreciate the old school workmanship and dedication, I am really more fascinated by the stories behind each piece, who wore it, to where, when, how, what? And I am very fortunate that I had a mother who has impeccable taste. I walked into the Paris Chanel store in Avenue Montaigne with her vintage flap bag and the sales person was more interested in the story of my bag (not the typical one as it doesn’t have the gold buckle) than upselling me the latest model. Old fashion beats those new bags any day.

Back to the event. Almost  all  the  dresses featured here  are  for  sale  except  for  a  couple  of  pieces  from  Robyn’s  personal  collection.  Prices  range  from  around  MOP 400 (50USD)  up  to  around  Mop 1200 (150USD)  with  the  designer  wear  pricing around  Mop  2000 -4500 (250USD-564USD).

“All  the  designer  wear  is  in  mint  condition probably  only  ever  worn  on  one  or  two  occasions  so  if  you  were  to  buy  ready  to  wear  designer  out  of  the  shop  you  would  be  looking  at  around  Mop 3000  to  7000 (375USD-877USD)  as  a  starting  price  depending  on  the  label.  If  it  was  a  Christian  Dior,  Prada  or  Valentino  you  wouldn’t  get  a  dress  for  under  MOP 7000.” – Robyn

Well, here are some of the pieces hitting the catwalk next Saturday. In order of my favourites. :)
A  classic  1950’s  Tulle  evening  dress  with  deep  red  wine  coloured  velvet  draping  on  top  of  the  bodice,  embellished  with  metallic  thread  and  tiny  pearl  seeds.


Early  1960’s  black  satin Christian  Dior  cocktail  dress  from  New  York.

This one’s my favourite. I couldn’t carry it off but it’s a stunning piece, mint condition and just amazing workmanship, cut and fit.

2014-08-06 18.14.09

Ozzie  Clark  and  Celia  Britwell (  famous  British  Designers from  1960’s/70’s ) satin  Lamborghini trousers  1971.

Twiggy  modeling  Clark  and  Britwell  Lamborghini  trousers  1971.

ozzie clark

These are really funky!

2014-07-31 18.49.31

1964  Wedding  dress  from  an  estate  in  Beverly  Hills.  Embellished  with  gold  metallic  thread,  crystal  and  rhinestone  with  a  chiffon  floating  train.


1970’s  Black  chiffon  dress  designed  by  Jean  Louis  who  was  contracted  by  Columbia  pictures  in  the  1940’s  and  50’s.  Louis  designed  the  dress  that  Marilyn  Monroe  wore  when  she  sang  Happy  Birthday  Mr  President,  for  JFK  in  1961.  That  particular  dress  sold  at  auction  a  few  years  ago  for  a  record  figure  of  US $ 1.267 500

2014-08-06 18.18.02

And volunteer models hitting the catwalk next saturday :). I am in Singapore next week and bummed to be missing the event, but am sure it’s going to be fab!

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