Top 15 in 2015!


2015 and today has ran away from me with so much to do and so little time. But I am going to live a little and finish up today’s blog post which has been on my agenda!

Well Top 15 wasn’t easy because there were so many great moments, here are 15 that come front of mind. It has been an amazing year, ups and downs but so many things to be thankful for. I was never one for shopping, so little retail therapy notes and also working on my reduction plan on material things.

In no particular order.

  1. Travel. Mostly work and some play. There were weddings in Singapore, St Peter Ording via Hamburg, then Berlin. An amazing summer roadtripping and eating through Michelin Starred France to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, with a surprise visit to the champagne region and DRC in Burgundy (blog post not ready!). Then there was work travels in Tokyo, multiple trips to China, mainly Shanghai and every single time I get to see friends and do/see something new regardless how tight the timing! That is important for me. Thankful for work travels because it gave me time to see some friends I haven’t seen in a decade.
  2. The husband bought me an iphone6 for my birthday this year. I am not one for technology upgrades, which is ironic because I work in the fast paced ever changing social media environment. I was using an iphone 3 and 4S with scotchtaped all over it and missing buttons. The iphone 6 greatly improved my social posts and life scheduling.
  3. I got featured on Instagram earlier this year – while delightful and surprising, I am not sure how this works because the engagement fell. I much would have preferred having genuinely interested followers.
  4. My Thai friend PJ took me under her wings for spicy thai cooking, along with it many many delicious meals.
  5. I finally set up our love nest before year end. As seen here
  6. The husband’s hard work and long hours finally paid off – awarded TWO Michelin stars in the 2016 Hong Kong & Macau guide.
  7. We launched the new Chicken Scrawlings blog – as we have here :)
  8. For the first time, my gardening labour paid off, my cherry tomatoes plants are growing out of controlIMG_8454 2
  9. I wrote and got published more than I ever did in the past few years and spent alot more time in Macau, rather than taking the easy route of escaping to Hong Kong.
  10. I also read more than I have in the past few years – thanks to the spanking new Taipa library in Macau, where I also donated most of my fiction books from my own bookshelf. Find out what I’ve been reading so far.
  11. I relief taught at IFT and am now an adjunct lecturer on the Food & Culture course. Which has lead to so much more interesting reading and research about a life long subject I am passionate about.
  12. I recently (finally) did a photoshoot with my friends who came to hang out and motivated me out of my awkward self to get those photos done for the new JLOH website relaunching next month as well as more images for the blog. (Inspired by Blacksburg Belle from my CreativeLive course.)
  13. Our wonderful neighbours that bring us sweets and homemade baked goods all the time.   IMG_8320
  14. I took many classes this year on Creative live  and was inspired by blog teacher Blacksburg belle to put this list together.
  15. Finally, looking forward to drinking our wedding gift, the 1990 Dom Pérignon to enjoy in our other set of wedding gifts – Vera Wang Wedgwood With Love Toasting Flute Pair.

Now, just to wait for chef to get back from a very busy service, hopefully not too late after midnight.

Happy New Year everyone, wherever you are!

What will 2016 bring? Hopefully more love, laughs and plenty of adventures.


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