Skillshare: Food photography class

skillshare breakfast 4

I had a great time with this class on Still Life Photography and actually learnt quite a few tips and tricks, and so grateful for the Tych plugin in photoshop that made collages so much easier since I am still a complete novice and it takes forever to get work done on photoshop and Lightroom (hence the slow pace the posts are coming up on images I shoot with my DSLR!).

skillshare breakfast 2 skillshare breakfast

A couple of months ago, I won the Skillshare scholarship through mailchimp as I am slowly trying to get the blog back on track and working through how to fix the bugs on the blog myself – long story short, it was never completed, but I suppose is as good as it gets!

If you have a little time and hunger to learn something new – I recommend Skillshare wholeheartedly. I’ve taken and paid for a few classes prior to winning the scholarship with Mailchimp and it’s the best thing ever!

skillsharebreakfast 3

Finally, you might find this food photography resource with tips and tricks from Expert Photography useful.

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