Sewing Project: DIY your own body shape Mannequin


Since I started sewing classes, my subconscious draws me too things in the craft – seams, pockets, collars, zips, sewing machine parts and then…inspired by a Pinterest post, we decided to work on a DIY your own body shape mannequin – an idea of my sewing classmate! We did this in about two hours this Saturday afternoon.

First time setting up the camera and still have so much to learn operating the DSLR. First attempt and was fun! Looking forward to more crafty experiments. I ended up with saggy boobs. #reallife #nailedit. Haha.


Of course I am all sweaty and shiny faced chubby chubs jambon thighs… but WHO CARES! Angle all wrong and because I was trying to operate the camera on tripod, I wonder how the professionals do it – I shall get better!


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