Art: Lantern Festival Macao

Rabbit Lantern with Balloon

This year, One Central has gorgeous lanterns designed by different artists to celebrate Lantern Festival. You won’t miss the cute colourful centre piece,  an 11 metre tall inflatable rabbit right on the water. You might remember Artist Carlos design at the Macao Pavillion for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The piece is inspired by his childhood memories of his family’s tradition of playing with these lanterns during the lantern festival otherwise also known as the mid-Autumn festival or Mooncake festival.

This showcase reminded me of a fun inflatables exhibition in West Kowloon Cultural District Years ago.

  Lit up Carlos Marreiros Rabbit Lantersn

Surrounding the large queen rabbit are 40 other rabbits on the trail. There are 20 other artists from Macau and Beijing that decorated the lanterns.Rabbit Inflatable with Fireworks

Adding dynamism to the commission, Marreiros has invited 20 notable artists from Macau and Beijing to decorate the lanterns. The exhibition is on till Oct 10, so make your way down and experience it by day and night, because they are vastly different, even for your photos. :)

Artist Rabbit Lanterns

** All photos courtesy of organisers.

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