Art Science Museum Singapore: Future World

future world art science museum singapore

The posters for the show were impressive, so I’d say it was a little bit of a letdown because the exhibit is tiny, although the works were pretty good. It’s certainly not worth the entry fee of $15 as a Singaporean and $17 for non locals. For a little more of that fee, you could go to Pompidou for a full day and still won’t be able to cover all the exhibitions.

Apart from the anchor show of lights that was very pretty and impressive, there were several Teamlab video/light installations. The one on the universe and light with a mythical tree legged crow was one pretty nauseating experience that reminds me of the after effects of chemotherapy.

It’s not my first time at the overpriced Art Science museum, I suppose it’s suffice to say that I’m disappointed for such a beautiful architectural form on the outside, the inside space hasn’t been thought through at all and not easy to navigate in terms of flow. So probably not entirely the curator’s fault if they had to work with this odd space. There is no journey of flow in this museum and such a pity.


The ticketing counter used to be at the entrance like most sensible design, but they’ve somehow moved that to the basement and it’s some random hipster cafe. I think someone lost their marbles and decide to put commerce and coffee before art.

It’s such a pity that it was so poorly thought out – they didn’t even bother to build an underpass or overpass from the MBS mall, so you have to trudge through the rain for 10m to get into the museum.

I suppose if you have children, it’d be worth your time to play with the interactive light displays, there’s even one with a slide where the light projection is interactive and full of fruits, you basically feel like a fruit ninja slicing the fruits as you slide down.

One tip on savings is to signup (for free) the Sands rewards card and you get a one for one ticket price deal and 15% off the merchandise.

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