Andsoforth: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party (Junior)

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I really enjoyed my first dinner over theatre “If we Dream too long” by And So Forth. Set in the 1960s based on local writer Goh Poh Seng’s novel. The food was good, but I found moving through each scene to different rooms a little disruptive in that performance.

Regardless, I love the concept of combining theatre with dining – two of my favourite things. I was really looking forward to dinner over the interactive Alice in Wonderland play. Pity that the dinners were sold out so quickly! I also wished the Singaporean audience were more sporting to turn up dressed to the theme and interacting to put actors in the hot seat.

Well, they are now running a tea party Junior’s edition (with no food or drinks – but can be purchased at the event itself) for both kids and adults. I’ve read Lewis Carroll’s book a dozen of times and also covered it thoroughly for my ‘A’ level English Lit S paper and am curious to see how this 45 minutes performance pans out.


They have promised “This play teaches children the importance of friendship and personality.personality is important as it distinguishes him/her from other individuals and inspires others to follow him/her as a leader.

I wasn’t too sure about going with any children in tow, but have been reassured that it’s suitable for both adults and children alike!

More details on ticketing here

*Images courtesy of Andsoforth.

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