Art Basel Hong Kong 2018


While on a much smaller scale than previous years, I was delighted to find more South Asian, South East Asian artist representation this time round. An insightful report on the fair from Artsy.

The UBS art report listed US collectors as the largest market and the Chinese coming in second ahead of UK collectors.

Hong Kong Tatler captures the Art Basel weekend quite aptly.

Brands have been creeping into the art space to reposition themselves in the ever evolving market. Some do it better than others, my favourite is Ruinart champagne’s latest commission to work with camouflage Chinese artist Liu Bolin.


Gucci has decided to position their wall art mural in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong’s gritty bar area, doesn’t seem like it was thought through or strategic.


Dior had some “art” handbags on show at their sponsor booth, looked like another forced attempt of merging fashion and art, a move that felt more desperate than strategic so they don’t fall behind on the Art & Brand bandwagon.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from 2018’s Art Basel Hong Kong.

Loved these simple abstract colourful pieces by Italian artists Giorgio Griffa and Gianni Politi.


Check out the details of each and every different face.IMG_2127

Loved these ethereal ink blobby pieces.IMG_9952 IMG_6421 IMG_9319

I thought they were drawings until upon closer look saw it was all threads. Singapore Print Tyler Institute artist Do Ho Suh.


Shanghai Artist Ding Yi’s “criss cross” pieces.IMG_3717  IMG_3559

Finally these sculptures spoke to me. Art connects with people in different ways. Since I got diagnosed with bilateral frozen shoulders that has me in chronic excruciating pain with really limited mobility. I’m a medical anomaly since I’m neither old, inactive nor diabetic and people usually have it one shoulder, I have them on both.


I thought after cancer treatment, the physical suffering is over. Who knew my shoulders would get inflammed 4 months later from excessive exercise. Sigh. I live and learn.IMG_2608

You can check out more photos here.

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