Step Into The Future: Shenzhen Design Week 2018 Design + Architecture Magazine


My coverage of this year’s Shenzhen Design Week 2018 for Singapore’s Design + Architecture Magazine. Also, super pleased they used my photo for the first full page.

Shenzhen: Stepping into the future of design

Shenzhen has a vibrant design scene, with many design companies, studios and creative professionals. The city in the thriving Greater Bay Area has a strong focus on industrial design, product design as well as graphic and digital design. An up-and-coming tech and innovation hub, design centres in Shenzhen can deliver end to end services from product design to development, prototyping to final production. It has gradually built its reputation as a city with a startup culture.

Shenzhen Design Week is an annual event that showcases the latest trends in design and beyond, attracting international designers, makers and visitors. The city’s committment to design and innovation is seen in the futuristic new buildings – design oriented public spaces from parks, cultural centres to museums.

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