Art: Guo Pei Singapore

The Asian Civilisation Museum Singapore held a Guo Pei exhibition showcasing 29 masterpieces by the Chinese couturière. Raised in Beijing, one can see the influences of imperial art and mythology – with dragons, phoenix, the use of gold and symbolism in outfits.

This was one of the best exhibitions I saw this year in July in Singapore. I’m not the most up to date with fashion and haute couture and only learnt of the Chinese designer a couple of years ago.

Her design has international sensibilities with elements of Chinese traditions – embroidery, dressmaking techniques woven through every piece. Given how heavy some outfits are, I would consider her masterpieces Art, rather than couture.

The iconic robe that was worn by Rihanna at the Met Gala 2015

She also has a gorgeous boutique at the MGM Macao Cotai with a gold art piece façade by Chinese artist Wang Kaifang.

Details… of Chinese roofs!
The Chinese wedding “Kwa”
Very Balmain-esque
This “cake dress” was stunning
Original Empress Dowager robe
loving the art deco motifs at the edge of the skirt
love these bracelets
porcelain motifs meets haute couture and dowager headgear

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