Creative Upskills with Skillshare

I had a premium full-year membership with Skillshare and took plenty of food styling and photography short courses to improve my amateur photography for the blog and also develop better skills working with natural light and styling images for both Instagram and the blog.

Full transparency, I’m a Skillshare ambassador and I get an extra couple of months of free membership and a small fee when you sign up through my affiliated link. There’s no commitment you sign up for 2 free months of premium and decide how you’d like to take it from there.

what exactly is skillshare?

This online learning platform offers a wide range of tutorials with video based lessons by professionals in various fields. There is often pdf cheat sheets and the course’s lesson plan along with the pre-recorded videos and then assignments you complete and coursemates will vote and feedback on them.

As a subscriber you can take as many courses as you like and have access to all resources. I love the community interaction which encourages different perspectives and learning from each other.

No better time to upskill if you’re working from home and the workfront is going a little slow with the Coronavirus hysteria taking over the world. Best to be constructive and use the downtime for some self improvement, eh?

I’m all for upskilling through online courses so you can learn in your own time, do the assignments, upload them and get feedback. I have benefited plenty from Skillshare and it seems others have too (you can read an unbiased breakdown of the pro-cons).

my skillshare classes shortlists


And the homework I’ve done. 🤓

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