Street Food in Chiang Mai

I forgot all about these wonderful traditional sausages and snacks, a north eastern Thai specialty. Just a month ago, at Ann & Mark’s Wedding in Chiang Mai, Nalis, Prima and I went to town and ate our way through the streets.


These strings of sausages are rounded balls tied together by string and served on leaves. The insides are filled with savory pork and glass noodles that was such a pleasure to eat. It was like a bowl of noodles packed with full flavors condensed into a wonder taste grenade.

Savory and tart at the same time, I much preferred them to the typical greasy sausages. These north eastern snacks are not to be confused with the Northern Thai sausages that are equally tasty packing the punch of different Thai herbs and spices.


While I’ve only associated fish sauce with cooked Thai dishes, I didn’t expect to have them with fruits. These were the spicest guavas I had; the combination of sweet, tart and spice leaves a tingly feeling in your mouth that lingers. Fresh slices of gauva is first pounded in a mortar to a semi-pulp state and you’re free to add whatever you like. I’m still not quite sure if I liked it, but it was refreshing and brought a completely new dimension to serving fruits.

You can opt for just a sprinkling of sour plum powder with a dash of sugar- like how we do in Singapore, or try the medley of condiments with all the fruits on offer, namely bananas, papayas and pineapples.

Fish sauce, sugar, chili flakes, sour plum powder – guava fruits the Thai way.

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