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Apart from being distracted from work daily with my favourite site Tastespotting, I had a little time to catch up with my RSS feeds and found these little things that made me smile.

I’ve found a secret bakery that makes freshly baked bread and sells them at 70% off after 530pm, so I’ve been eating alot more bread recently. This post on breadcrumbs made me want to have a little pet bird. Considering that this contraption below can be DIY with a funnel and tube, I think it’d be good fun!


And here the artist Hilary Berseth “constructs basic frameworks of wire and wax, then lets teams of tiny yellow-and-black art fabricators finish the job.” Check out his bee hive sculptures on show at the Eleven Rivington.


This is not entirely food related, but I thought these designs are awesome.


Via Below the clouds blog

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