Food Soundtrack

While I haven’t been consciously dealing with all things food related, they somehow permeate my life in good ways. I have recently contributed to Theme Magazine’s latest issue on food, writing a personal story about BBQ meats from satays to chuanrr.

For the issue of “For the Love of Food”, MC and producer Cool Calm Pete put together a food themed mixtape. Some tracks are really funny, others I wasn’t so keen.

You can download the mixtape here



Illustration by Cool Calm Pete

I’ve also stocked up on some good Chinese art films, one of them had a plot based around the theme of food and relationships. Deadly Delicious (双食记)lacked a good solid plot, but had amazing cinematography and mood, from beheading a poor turtle and ripping its guts out to killing a live fish. Certain shots are accurate representations of food preparation in the Chinese kitchens. I also loved the thematic plot on how the mix of yin and yang herbal soups can brutally damage someone’s health. My mother constantly warns me about “heaty” and “cooling” foods that upset the body’s natural balance, but I hardly pay heed to it. Well, not until recently since I started reading obsessively about food and hanging out with Chinese food critics, learning tea pairings and what not.

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