Food Related Chinese Typography

I haven’t really had time to be in the kitchen for more culinary experiments. My mother has volunteered some of her secret recipes which I am familiar with and will post them once I find time to spend all day cooking.

Meantime, here are some food related designs in China that make me smile.

The TCM approach. Love the longevity deity who’s always seen carrying a peach and the longevity stork commonly seen in Chinese paintings. As I am lazy and inconsistent with boiling the herbs (or waiting 30 mins for them to boil it for me), I didn’t bother to continue with my TCM treatment to adjust the yin and yang in my body.

I was at the hospital recently for my cough that wouldn’t go away and here’s what I found with my meds— a little sticker with biscuits and bread illustrations.

And the noodle chain store, which literally translates to “noodle loves noodle”.

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