Jelly Architects

I love it when people take things out of context and present a completely novel idea without taking away the root of inspiration. I was never a big jelly fan, I ate it when I was given some or when my mother made agar agar. I usually had more fun hassling her while she was making it than eating it. Also, because my brother always ate all of it before I could get to it.

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have a great thing going for them, making jelly miniatures of iconic buildings. Their list of clients include three star Michelin Star chef Heston Blumenthal, known for his creative concepts and culinary l’enfant terrible Gordon Ramsay.

Glow in the dark jelly, a collaboration with a chemistry professor
Glow in the dark jelly, made with chemistry professor

View the NY Times slideshow here

I know that ice cream designer extraordinaire,Prima will be doing more fun things like these in the near future if she would just shed her Thai modesty and get on the international stage. Stay tuned for her latest sushi ice cream project.

Given that she hasn’t blogged about it, I’ve taken the liberty to give you a sneak peek.

Fruit and ice cream sushi set
Fruit and ice cream sushi set

Now I’m making sushi ice cream for this coming ice cream festival at Pattaya, a seaside town in eastern part of Thailand. Since it’s a seaside ice cream festival, they would like to have Seafood ice cream (ice cream served with shrimp) and sushi ice cream as it’s gonna be on a sushi conveyor belt. Here are some mock up of this ice cream bento set.

It looks like a fishy menu, but it’s actually all sweet.

Besides this sushi ice cream collection, i’ve also created a seafood ice cream which is Parsley lemonade sorbet served with shrimp and parsley, Sour cream salad/dipping ice cream served with cracker and shrimp.

What a strange combination, salty and sweet?!? However, it’s not that bad as you think ;)

If you’re in Thailand would would like to try, stop by Central Festival Pattaya from April 1-6 2009. There are only 50 trays per day for the Bento set and 25 cups per day for Parsley lemonade sorbet and Sour cream dipping ice cream. -Prima Chakrabandhu na Ayudhya

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