Dining Agenda

My eating buddy BJ Foodies calls me often to ask for my ‘eating schedule’. My calendar is filled with scribbles of meetings, restaurant openings, wine tastings and more lunch/dinner invitations. Admittedly, I miss cooking, I miss bossing myself around the kitchen. I have a feeling that someday, I’m going to retreat from the intense socialisation and hide in the kitchen to cook.

It’s a miracle I still fit into my ‘vernier calipers’ skinny jeans (they are so fitting I’d die of deep vein thrombosis sitting in them if I put on weight). When I’m not inverting myself at headstands at yoga, I’m harassing chefs in their kitchens and street vendors or eating, rather dining.

I would love to have one of these.

London-based, Italian designers Sara Ferrari and Marcella Fiori have designed a book of place mats for note-taking during meals.


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