The Perfect Singaporean Breakfast

Kaya toast, half boiled eggs and a thick cup of coffee made with a sock/net is my ultimate comfort food. I have been eating this since I was old enough to remember. Even though Yakun Kaya Toast has become a massive commercial entity, they still do a solid good kaya egg set.

The only thing that makes me sad is that it’s staffed with very tired old ladies standing on their feet all day making them. I wished that could be different.

At home, we eat NTUC fairprice Nonya Kaya with pandan essence. My dad makes the best half boiled eggs, without a timer and by pure instinct. Add a dash of pepper and soy sauce and there you have a heavenly breakfast—a slithery egg texture with a multi-layered experience of sweet and savory at the same time with every crunchy bite of the perfectly toasted bread.

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