TCM and Such

I haven’t been the best at regular entries with new work and great new challenges. I’ve also started going to the doctor for accupuncture to treat my violent migrains I’ve been prisoner to since I was 15. I’m not sure if it’d work since I started treatment, but it’s an interesting process of numbing pain. (I attempted to get a photo, but couldn’t deal with the pain). The doctor has also been making incisions to points in my head to “get the bad blood out and prevent it from clotting to let the qi flow”. He also promises that I’ll be free from migrain for the rest of my life, I’ll hold him to his word. All the doctors I’ve seen have only prescribed more celebrex and various other painkillers, telling me there is no cure for migrains, ever.

In other news, there’s also a new addition to the family and I’m now an auntie! It’s funny to see this little person appear out of nowhere.















Cyrus is a day old with a head full of hair.

I haven’t found anything about dining significant to blog about in the last month, which is needless to say, very disappointing. Will be putting up backdated entries that I’ve just had time to edit.

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