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I’m an old fashioned diner and don’t appreciate the theatre of dining. However, I love it when chefs get so boldly creative, it borders on art. Beijing-based Brian Mckenna is a conceptual chef extraordinaire. Friday’s event saw his team catering to god knows how many fashionistas and models that popped by for the event on Friday for the Vogue party.

Naturally themed fashion, gorgeous Anna Sui-esque dressers were lined with beautiful patisserie attached to rings, chocolate in lipstick cases, and cotton candy in cotton ball jars… you get the drift. Room, the restaurant is slated to open late October and I’ve been told about two wonderful trolleys called beefie and sweetie as well as given a thrilling revelation of what to expect.




Chef Brian is also the man behind The Clinic, then a very hot dining spot in Clarke Quay Singapore. The business model itself was not sustainable in the Asian market in the long run and almost doomed to fail. Superstition made the concept a taboo and as soon as the novelty of dining in a golden wheelchair, eating from syringes and test tubes wore off, there was no market that guaranteed regular traffic.

Despite the lack of market research done for the project, I think it is a brilliant concept that would probably have worked in Europe or America.

A reliable source recently revealed that Ferran Adria from El bulli will be in Beijing next month as well as one half of the Pourcel brothers, known for their uncanny resemblance, with three-michelin stars between them.

Meantime, this weekend was brilliant with fashion themed canapés and a meeting with Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Chambon from Périgord and Quercy of Le Pont de l’Ouysse fame.

Chambon was in town for the 10th anniversary of one of Beijing’s oldest French restaurants. I was thrilled to hear about his 6 hectares of truffle farm and how he takes the dogs out to harvest truffles.

If you live in Beijing, don’t miss the classically French five course degustation menu on the lovely terrace of Brasserie Flo—perfect for soaking up the essence of the late summer evening. Will be posting about the menu in my next entry.

Finally, Capital M is now open to the public, the most recent addition to eldest siblings, M at the Fringe and M on the Bund. Beijing is still growing at an incredible pace and the opening of Capital M is giving Qianmen 23 exactly the competition it needs.

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