Beijing Life: Snapshots

I’ve been buried under a boulder of work and activities and also took up a food design course on design boom. So, my time is divided between that extra hour of sleep or doing homework, a joy which I’ve rediscovered only recently. So nice to be away from the corporate hound madness and to have time to think about your ideas/opinions and how you arrived at it.

So, in the last month, I saw Beyoncé in concert, ate alot, met very interesting people, hiked the great wall in the snow and finally settled into my new home, with the last box unpacked.

Decent Shanghainese fare on the top floor of the Raffles City Shopping Mall at Dongzhimen… I forget the name, but it’s something like Shanghainese Garden that translates completely different from the Chinese name.
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The crazy snowy week and how it looks outside my apartment.

Outside my balcony window, a little bit of Europe with gingerbread-esque house and snow for frosted icing.


Just like in the fairy tales, a blanket of snow over the Great Wall at Mutianyu.



The Village North Opening Fashion Show

Albert Adrià’s creation that broke away the magic of El Bulli’s kitchen.


Need a haircut in the hutongs?


and… my natural heater in bed, how nice to come home to a living thing everyday.

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