The Gift of Disharmony


Here’s something very helpful from my new age guru-fied mother that I thought I’d share with 2009 coming to an end and everyone’s working on the new decade’s resolutions. (I just wrote mine last night)

So when you are faced with disharmony, disappointment, disease, or negativity in thought or emotion, look for what this discomfort seeks to bring to you. Discover how it nudges you to expand your knowingness. For within every discord, there is a gift, an opportunity for understanding, something within you that yearns for change, something within you that seeks to be let go of, some belief that is no longer serving you.

Taken from The Novenian Masters: The Gift of Disharmony [2]
(Channeled by Nanci Paluzzi)

I think there are many parts of me that yearn for change. 2009 has been full of ups and downs and filled with plenty of great lessons learnt.

As I enter the next decade of my life, I was reminiscent of the person I was a decade ago. 10 years ago, I began my first adventure backpacking alone and have been going all over the place on my own ever since.

Nearly 5 years ago, I left Singapore and boarded the plane filled with wide-eyed wonder to begin my adventures in Italy–an unexpected opportunity that arose out of nowhere (I spent more than half my life dreaming of Paris). Shortly after, I ended my first and longest relationship of 5 1/2 years – the love of my life that saw me through plenty of rough times, but the heart and mind was not ready and I turned down a marriage proposal in Verona for fear that the life ahead meant shackled to a life of permanence and monotony, which would be all about having kids and living the Singaporean dream–becoming the modern day Madame Bovary.

I don’t regret it, despite the heartachingly brief affairs that have followed. Someday, it’d be my turn to have the romantic comedy of my life.

Life is funny like that, who’d have thought I’d end up in Beijing for nearly 3 years now. Still, my heart aches for Europe and I’m very much looking forward to heading back in the very near future.

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