L'indochine, I'll Miss You


Ten years ago, I discovered the joy of backpacking the world alone and visiting Laos this time round reminded me of the person I was- the wide eyed girl that was idealistic, romantic and thirsting to know the world.

I’m back in xishuangbanna and sadly heading back to the grind in a day. The journey overland into China already began on the cochette bus with the yelling, shoving and spitting.

A few more of these trips and I could write a book on the ubiquitous Chinese tourist- there is alot of money to be made here.

There are many things I don’t understand; we had the Japanese occupation, the Cambodians the Khmer rouge, Burmese, the Junta, Vietnamese the Amercian-Vietnamese war, but WHY are the people so much more selfish, rude and uncivil from the northern border onwards.

I’ve been all over southeast Asia, but the hygiene standards are far and between much higher than the Motherland. I don’t understand it, so I’ll just accept it.

The last days were spent trekking and riding elephants in the Mekong river at sunset. L’indochine, I missed you and all that hazy romance you embody as an ex-French colony. You haven’t changed one bit, even though I did. Just a little more weathered and slightly broken, but at the core of it, I’m still dreaming, exploring and discovering.

A few positive things to note:
1. I remember all my Thai and Khmer and going through Laos was a breeze with my good ol’ southeast Asian tan to pass as a local.
2. My blog is unblocked! Hooray!
3. I rediscovered my old self that got buried in the china weariness.
4. Will be returning to a warm Beijing: 9 degrees. Yay goodbye to subzero temp!
5. Deep long conversations with the modern day individual Chinese traveller who frowns upon the behaviour of their fellow country men, lecturing them on civil behaviour (!!!)… And the same thirst for discovery. I have some new Chinese friends to hang out with in Beijing. :)

Catching up with my rss feeds: I cannot believe Alexander mcqueen is dead and I’m waiting to read about Tiger Wood’s first public appearance. Photos to come, blogging is tedious on the iPhone. Hope everyone is having fun. I’m looking forward to seeing my cat and being away from the hoards of Chinese tourists.

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