Chinese New Year 2010


Growing up in a country where our airport has been rated as the best internationally for more than a decade, I was deeply puzzled by the chaos travelling in the Motherland this Spring festival. I’m sure managing 1 billion travellers during the national holidays is a nightmare… I will never complain about living in Beijing anymore, no matter how disagreeable after knowing what it feels like to be in a tier 2, 3 city during Chinese New Year.

I suppose this 1950s campaign didn’t work… I wonder how LKY would run the country, given that 4 million is nothing compared to 1.3 billion.

A typical airport scene during Chinese New Year in a tier 2 city.
Massive crowd lining the storefront, with cardboard in tow to sit on… in Singapore, you’d think they were waiting overnight for a celebrity to arrive.

And then of course the necessary firecrackers and fireworks to reign in the year of the metal Tiger. This is crazy war zone scary and the whole city of xishuangbanna reeked of gunpowder… far too much for the sterile Singaporean. So I left for Laos the very next morning, which was the best decision I made.

Chinese New Year 2010 Firecrackers from Juliana Loh on Vimeo.

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