à la carte with RFID Technology

This piece of work is brilliant and way ahead of this time, building technology into food and interactivity.

Visitors of “Kosher & co” at the Jewish Museum in Berlin are given a spoon that corresponds with plates and the plates and spoons are used as forms of identity through food and religion.

“the visitor finds a plate in each room, decorated with an illustration related to the current section. To make clear that both spoon and plate belong to each other a consistent design is used. When the visitor puts their spoon on a plate, the plate illuminates accompanied by a tinkle sound representing that a recipe is collected. At home the visitor can access their personal cook-book of collected recipes via internet.

“A la carte” deploys RFID technology. In order to make the use of this invisible technology a pleasurable experience we designed a system which consists of RFID tags embedded in spoons, RFID reader under each plate combined with an audiovisual feedback and a general system tracking all user-activity and collecting it in a database. An ID Number on each spoon gives access to the personal database/cook-book which was created during the visit.”

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