Random things & a Short Film



Shortly after I launched Short Stays, a film project I commissioned three of some of China’s most talented young film directors to make films in-House, working with equally amazing Chinese photographers Madi and 223 to document the process. A month later, I introduced Suitcase Cinema, a film-making package. I lucked out getting 2 x 24″ imacs and Bose headphones at no cost on loan—the power of branding and cross marketing.

So, as fate has it, me and my silly ideas, someone had to make a sample film to show how this works in a short span of time. I made this in 48 hours, struggling to first convert MTS HD files into imovie friendly format and then using imovie for the first time although I’ve been an apple user for a decade. I give myself 100 points for effort amidst 14 hour work days, working on weekends, and the bloody phones ringing nonstop (in Harry Potter speak: dementors).

Here’s a short film that I’m proud to say looks half decent in between submitting my Timeout assignment and hosting a press group over the weekend. I haven’t had time to finish creative projects I’ve started in a long while. I’m on duty the whole weekend, but am determined to finish colouring 3 short stories illustrations and submit finish my letter “L” instant book to meet the deadline.

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