Team Building @ The Hutong

A couple of weeks ago, we had a team outing and what better way to bond over food. Ironically, the sticky chewy apple strudel that my partner and I made over lots of giggles and kneading, won the popularity vote—hard to believe when there were soooooo many delicious and beautiful dishes made by my other colleagues.
Pre-cooking hummus and me stuffing my face.


Yankee Doodle Chen doing what looks I imagine a young “Yan Can Cook” did in his hey days

His team made an amazing pot of caramelised pork, I voted for this dish.

Horsing around the kitchen as I always do.
img_0634A table full of ingredient for 6 dishes altogether to feed 13.


img_06861Delicious mushroom and cheese canapés they prepared

And then there was a pomelo salad, pad thai, chicken curry, a very tasty minced pork dish balanced with fresh lettuce and my sticky chewy apple crumble gone wrong!

And then there was boss man finishing up the spicy chicken curry, racing against time.

And here’s our winning sticky chewy apple crumble that no one finished.
We learnt our lesson upon closer examination, we should have used the whole bottle of red wine to marinate the apples and worried less about too much and probably use less flour.

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