Eat: The Humble Apple Tart

apple tart with baileys ice cream

apple tart

baking apple tart

I’m not one for baking as I don’t do measurements very well while cooking since it’s always an intuitive and emotional exercise in the kitchen I grew up in.

I was quite surprised how easy and quick it was to make an apple tart… but probably would never attempt this myself.

My father in law does it effortlessly and quickly, it inspires me to try. I’ve been cheating on the gluten free diet – well in France it’s hard not to.

Well, I am not going to say I baked these, and I definitely see the benefits to cheat and buy the ready made pastry crust and divide them into portions.

We had them with home made Baileys ice cream that was SO good.

Here’s a great (and easy to follow) recipe from the Food Network.


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