India Railway


I’ve now had my fair share of travelling by train in India. Today, I finished 3 stories for Instant Books complete with illustrations on the 5 hour train ride. Very productive commute as I also finished a terribly boring and dry book “Mother of a Thousand Sons” that read like a PHD dissertation rather than a glimpse into the lives of Indian women in society.

Cleanliness and experience of train travel: India 1 Vs China -10. Ambience of crying children, burping, farting and spitting India 1 vs China 0. If they got over their colonial hangover, I’d come to live and work in Delhi in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for me, I look like I’m from the Northeast and a fellow labourer in the mad city, so definitely no foreign treatment for me. Then again, I’m not sure if I can put up with the long term “elbow in the boob” harassment.

Separately, with a railway ad like this, how can anyone not want to travel on the railway. And the food is pretty good too, I promise it doesn’t give you the Delhi belly. I have been completely well and abled, despite coming here with a weak frequently food poisoned stomach. Although I know nothing about CNG (compressed national gas) and the cost of it, but I wish China would explore the option. The air is fresh and clean, albeit dusty.

Saw this ad on TV the other day—so brilliantly executed.

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