Macau: House of Dancing Water

So, we ended 2011 with a wonderful surprise spectacle – Macao’s House of Dancing Water show at City of Dreams. I’ve been twice now even though I live here and highly recommend any visitor coming for a day trip to top off the Macau visit with the show. Crazy acrobatic stunts coupled with an amazing set with state of the art technology. It is said the stage and set cost 250million to build. Tickets don’t come cheap and I recommend paying for the best seats in house because it’s worth the while. If you purchase front row seats, you’d be provided with towels as you’re likely to get a little wet upfront with acrobats diving from those heights!


This sophisticated set built has been so well thought through and a backstage tour showed how divers are so well coordinated to help acrobats underwater get backstage. And unbelievable how the wet pool is changed to dry stage for the dare devils motorcycle stunts.




We ended our new year’s with homecooked pasta and too much truffles. Can there be too much?


Would you like a side of spaghetti with your Perigord truffles?


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