8 Ways to Make the Best of Black Truffles

What else do we do in the heart of Provence where black truffles are in full season and we’re eating with a bunch of international celebrity Michelin starred chefs? They cook, we eat, we discuss what and how to eat next, and we eat again – all this whilst drinking great wines and eating more truffles inspired canapés. Repeat.

Here’s 8 ways we found to gorge ourselves silly with black truffles. They are readily available on full degustation menus at restaurants, sold at the markets and well, with a bunch of fine dining chefs – the party couldn’t get better.

Living with a French chef for life means lots of butter (in a French kitchen, MOF version) and lots of cream – both these ingredients accelerate the flavours and aromas of the earthy black diamonds.

1. Les oeufs brouillés à la truffe. Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and cream and black truffles topped with a 40 month old comte. Can we have breakfast again?

black truffles scrambled eggs


2. Canapés in the form of white sausage and truffles mini burgers over too many glasses of champagne, glistening with buttery goodness.

black truffles canapes

3. The Flem Kuchen – Alsastian Tarte flambée with lots of lardon, cream and – pièce de resistance black truffles.

black truffles flemkuchen

4. Pasta, lots of parmeggiano cheese, butter cream and black truffles. What we do at home even in Macau when it’s the season.

black truffles pasta

5. Raclette. Bah Oui! It’s winter, it’s heavy, it’s delicious and we need to load up calories. Potatoes, jambon, egg and truffles, and of course cheese! Plenty of cheese!

black truffles raclette

6. Every gourmand knows the famous Robuchon Truffle mash and it’s nearly impossible to create one as amazing as the legendary one. But well, we can all try to recreate this at home with plenty of butter, cream and of course truffles!

truffle mash

7. Slice a Mont D’or into half, bury the diced truffles inside with white wine and shallots and pop it into the oven.

mont d'or truffles


8. Morels, a mushroom fungi friend stuffed with foie gras and topped with meat juice and truffles. buttery fat goodness married with earthy luxury.

morels and black truffles

A full heavy weight week in France and another week in Marrakech. My pants are tight, undeniably. But worth every single calorie!


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