Lists: 30 by 30

I have not managed to list 30 realistic things to do in the year that I turn 30, but I’ve been working hard at one of them, which is to read 30 books in the year that I’m 30, which works out to about a book a week. I’m currently reading 4 books simultaneously and finished two in the last two weeks, which leaves me on track, and also somewhat explains why the blog has been neglected. Well, apart from the fact that I haven’t had anything interesting to say other than (yet) another bad bout of food poisoning and work that dominates my life in Beijing.

Some realistic things on the list that somewhat overlaps with things I plan to do in 2011 anyway.

1. Eat white truffles

2. Do a half marathon

3. Try poularde de bresse

4. Take the DELF 2nd dégree exams and get back into the swing of good French

5. Write a good story for the commonwealth short story writing competition, deadlines March 1

6. Take up something new. Muay Thai? Swing.. or something!

7. Travel, lots of it, I hope!

8. Read 30 books in the year I turn 30

….. the list continues

I’m reading Murakami’s book on running and it’s brilliant, although it hasn’t quite motivated me to really get started on training! In a couple of weeks, I can start running outside discovering new routes and all sorts of things in much warmer weather!

In the meantime, some nice meals in the last weeks… I’m still hooked on instagram.


img_0814 Churros and a mug of chocolate to slather on @ Village Café

img_0819窝头 corn flour cakes that look like nipples

img_0826Artichoke risotto @Modo’s

img_0825Ucceletti di S. Antonio (little birds stuffed with chocolate for St Anthony’s day)

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