Caprice @ Four Seasons HK 3 * Michelin

I’ve way behind backdated entries, apart from moving madness, cleaning and unpacking purgatory which starts tonight and tomorrow, I have had many fantastic meals of local and gourmet since arriving three weeks ago.


Chef has been visiting lots, though never enough as we trawl the city for yummy eats.
I would have loved to take the box home to store my accessories.. but that’s not what people do at 3 starred Michelin restaurants. LOVE the toffee chocolate sweet.

We went with chef Vincent’s recommendation and started with the pâté en croûte—a very traditional dish where the pâté is made with a loaf or pie crust. I suppose the American close equivalent would be the meatloaf.



My Topinambour (Jerusalem artichoke) was a great way to start and chef had the langoustine ravioli with veal sweetbreads and wild mushrooms in shellfish bisque emulsion with sweet bread and lobster bisque, both well balanced rich flavours and texture. That was my first attempt at the topinambour that tastes nothing like artichokes and more like a tuber vegetable that came served with truffles and poulard de Bresse, and an organic poached egg in Régence sauce.


Then we shared a Périgord milk fed veal cooked in natural jus and slow-cooked potatoes in duck fat over a bottle of chateauneuf de pape. Yum.


Caprice Hong Kong
8 Finance Street, Central
Tel: (852) 3196-8860

And here’s a pâté en croûte a la Julia Child

As I turn 30 next week, I ticked off another on the incomplete 30 by 30 list.

1. Eat white truffles
2. Do a half marathon
3. Try poularde de bresse
4. Take the DELF 2nd dégree exams and get back into the swing of good French
5. Write a good story for the commonwealth short story writing competition, deadlines March 1- missed it in moving madness.
6. Take up something new. Muay Thai? Swing.. or something!
7. Travel, lots of it, I hope!
8. Read 30 books in the year I turn 30

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