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I grew up mostly on homecooked Cantonese, Peranakan and hokkien dishes and in retrospect ate out in very few teochew restaurants, so I never quite got to know the provincial cuisine well. We ate the oluak (oyster omelette) often at hawker centres, orh nee the sinfully thick yam paste dessert with ginko nuts teochew muay (their version of congee)—essentially rice grains in a very tasty soupy broth.

I never made it to chaozhou 潮州 in China to explore the authentic cuisine when I lived in Beijing and during recent visit to a teochew restaurant, I ate so many traditional dishes for the first time.. shame on me! Oyster omelette, the no-brainer order, they were very generous with the oysters and the egg was fried crisp and thin.


This plate of crispy noodles come served with vinegar and sugar—a great mingling of textures and flavours—crunchy, tart and sweet. The flat noodles cake reminded me a little of rosti. img_0942

Deep fried taro cakes, similar to what we get as Cantonese dimsum, only these were served with stir fried tea leaves. The latter had already lost its scent and flavour so I couldn’t identify what leaves they were, and am also not sure how the tea leaves were suppose to enhance it’s flavour or texture?


We had a large bowl of teochew muay congee filled with oysters which was a great way to sum up the greasy rich meal.

Little Teochew is a great food blog exploring many cuisines, including teochew food.

Sorry the photos are kind of bad, but I forgot to bring my camera and instagram was the next best option!

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