Weekend Wanderings, Hong Kong

I don’t get too much free time in the day to discover Hong Kong as I’m in Macau during the weekends, so this long weekend was a real privilege to orientate myself—I still get lost in central and walk round in circles, miss bus stops and turn up very late for appointments!

In support of the SPCA (and an excuse to drink with my best friend I don’t see often enough), we did the Timeout Wine Walk 2011, which was a pretty good exercise for me to navigate central. We made 16 out of 19 stops, but I confess I did not drink all the wines as I couldn’t manage those that I didn’t like.

Driving from Deep Water Bay to Tai Tam to check out Jean Paul’s amazing house on the hill.

Hello Kitty Mao grafitti

img_1129Rooftop hot top BBQ dinner at Dimsters.


I moved to Hong Kong exactly three months ago, and as you can see, the quality of my life has increased 100 folds. The luxury of my new chapter is surreal.

I am super grateful for the fulfilling life of being able to go running outside, see the sun (not often in Beijing smog), leave the office before it’s dark, exercise at least four times a week, sign up for courses to learn new skills and not get food poisoning every other week. I kind of miss commuting by bicycle like I did in Beijing, but it’s an easy give and take. :) Not forgetting, super high speed internet, freedom of information and unlimited mobile 3G!! Best of all, I get to see chef every week. ❤

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