Macau Weekend Bites

It was a bank holiday Friday, so we had a ladies day out and treated ourselves to an indulgent 5 course menu and a bottle of wine. We were completely spoilt, what a great way to spend a non-working Friday afternoon. (okay, save for a few tweets and emails on the blackberry)

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We started with a slow cooked egg topped with generous Tasmanian truffles, served with a patanegra parmesan cheese bread stick dip. Loved the garlic flake flower decor.

So much more textured and inviting with the instagram filter, don’t you think?


Razor clams with grapefruit and orange and a hint of coriander served with a crab, lobster topped with avocado mousse, caviar with artichoke flakes.

Beautiful layers of textures and flavours—a real party in the mouth. All the wonderful creatures of the sea distilled in a spoon. I am still thinking about the dish.



Amazing abalone carbonara with lots of truffles. Bit of a trompe l’oeil as you don’t realise there isn’t any pasta until you focus on the al dente texture that what you’re eating is actually abalone. I’ve had a similar calamari pasta at Barolo at the Ritz Beijing, but those were chewy and an instant giveaway that it wasn’t pasta. These South African abalones are huge—check out the shell! Such a pretty way to serve parmesan cheese on.

Two years ago, I was dying to try the poularde de bresse, the world’s most expensive and prized chicken which was listed as one of the gourmet foods to try before you die. This year alone, I have eaten it four times and it is such an amazing treat each time to have it, and done in different ways. Here, it’s served with foie gras, morels and lots of truffles. Sorry the photo doesn’t do it justice!


We finished with a simple summery dessert, sauté cherries with milk jam ice cream and gingerbread.

I always have problems staying away from delicious good bread, here it comes with home made pork rillette. Bad news for the carbs monster like me!

Contrary to what people believe, I don’t eat here often, but I’m always taken by surprise and blown away by the flavours, textures and plating. It’s always completely different each time.

Crown Towers at City of Dreams
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai,
Tel: +853 8868 6688

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