Ngau Kee Hong Kong 牛记香港

My eating partner and fellow blogger, Mackie picked this spot as it’s pretty well-known must try local spot. Beef brisket by late dinner time were sold out (good for us as we aren’t greedy beef eaters), we went with the signature chicken dish the Rose Queen chicken 玫瑰花皇太后鸡(130HKD)that requires advance orders as they have to be marinated a day in advance. The chicken was very tender and obviously slow cooked. The apparent secret behind the texture of the meat lies in the preparation as rose petals juice is first used to marinate the chicken before letting it sit overnight in soya sauce and rice wine. It tasted a little bland and again I’m biased as my mother makes a very tender and tasty soya sauce chicken—she doesn’t use rose petals but many cloves of crushed garlic, rice wine and lots of soya sauce and a dash of sugar.


The old man who took our orders recommended the squid which really was calamari a la Chinese style, then there was a homestyle stuffed fish paste eggplants that were delicious.


They have English menus that don’t directly translate to what the dishes are in Cantonese. Great local ambience, but I felt all those press stories made them less charming and endearing as the inaccessible local cha-chan teng eatery.

3 Gough Street,
G/F Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 25462584

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