Grease Fest @ Yung Kee Hong Kong

yung kee roast goose

I realise I didn’t write about Yung Kee the overrated, overpriced legendary roast goose restaurant. It’s really not worth the time queuing outside to get a table or buying into the “award winning restaurant” price tag for that matter. My dad’s favourite fowl is the roast goose and I’ve eaten lots of goose growing up in our household.
This one comes in a bath of its own fat and geese meat tend to be tougher than the chicken and duck, but eating this one is a real wrestle with its tough fibres and then all that grease gets stuck on your fingers and cheeks, enough for a goose fat face mask.

yung kee charsiu

The char siew roast pork mix was alright, nothing to write home about. I know a few in Sheung Wan, Saiyingpun and Wanchai that does way better pork crackling—one of my favourite food in the world. (Note the same grease puddle on the plate)

We had scallops and vegetable and a frozen prawns spicy stir fry.

yung kee scallops
yung kee prawns

The bill came up about 350HKD per person, we were three. Granted we ordered a little too much for three, but that’s how greedy we are and how much we love our food. Lots of other great reviews on this place on openrice, so try it anyhow and let me know what you think. Maybe we ordered wrong from that extensive menu? Maybe it was a bad day? Still, we’d expect more of a 1 michelin starred restaurant with branches in London and the likes.

I’m glad I tried it to now know never to bring guests there because it just boils down to good marketing and riding on the hype. The food is really average at best and you’re better off spending all that at a wonderful da pai dong nearby. This is an equivalent experience of Quanjude for Peking duck in Beijing. Never again, thanks grease festival.

Thanks to great company wigs and Dan for the cackles, giggles and laughs so we could get through our grease fest in good spirit!

32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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