Beijing Top 5 Hotpot Stops

On the topic of hotpot, I wanted to share my top 5.

beijing hotpot

The mushroom base broth is my favourite at Haidilao.

From the moment you step in to being led to your table, you’re well taken care of. Service is friendly and the waiting area comprises a manicure station, game corner and free flow of snacks—all complimentary. The noodle performer comes by if you order noodles and there is a free flow bar with every possible flavour and spice of sauce you can imagine. Spicy options are aplenty so venture out and pick your sauce. I even spent my 28th birthday here in a private room and played hula hoops etc. Quite a few branches in Beijing, but I usually go to the one in Sanlitun as we went there so often we knew the manager well and skipped the queues to get a table! Trick is to built a rapport with your server so you can call her/him directly the next time you visit!

A2 Baijiazhuang Lu,
Tel: +86 6595-0079, 6595-2982

Ding Ding Xiang
This upscale Chinese hotpot restaurant is good for the rare occasion given that the small portions come with high price tags. However, you get what you pay for—quality meats and vegetables for individual pots where you can cook and eat what you want in your own time. This place is still strangely popular in the summer, as the Chinese believe you need to sweat it out in the summer to cool down.

1/F, 14 Dongzhong Jie, Dongzhimenwai,
Tel: +86 6417-2546

Lao Ya Tang 老鸭汤 (duck broth hotpot)
There are no foreigners in sight at this local joint and the huge pot of duck broth soup is delicious on a cold winter’s night. Although the base of its soup is different from its hotpot cousins of the North, the ingredients you can order are the same as are the sauces. Menus are all in Chinese, and the pot comes with a whole duck with meat deliciously tender and lean from the hours it had endured in the pot. This is my favourite spot for comfort eating and tasty duck soup. The duck meat fibres pretty much melts in your mouth from the hours of boiling in the pot.

To my dismay, i don’t have the address nor number! It used to be clockwork making my way there, it’s one of the little eateries near Wanda Plaza. It’s a dingy little place and I don’t remember the address. This dianping link might help you get there…

清方阁老鸭汤 (万达广场店)
93 Jianguo lu, it’s near dawanglu and close to Wanda Plaza
Tel: +86 58206909

Eight Birds Hokkaido Shabu Shabu
This restaurant offers Japanese hotpot with generous portions of meat and vegetables and is possibly one of the most underrated hotpots in the city. The wait staff cooks congee at the end of the meal with the tastiest remains of soup—right in front of you. Contrary to popular belief, this restaurant isn’t that expensive. Ask for the 258RMB set menu (only given when asked), serves 3-4, with your choice of meat, seafood, dessert and a cup of coffee.

5/F, The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu,
Tel: +86 6587-1470

Lemon Leaf
This lovely restaurant has a Southeast Asian twist to the hot pot broths that range from seafood to curry, with predominantly Thai flavors and fresh ingredients come in generous portions. With a friendly team of staff, natural light streaming in from the windows in the modern setting, this place is a pleasure to dine at and bring visiting guests.

15 Xiaoyun Lu,
Tel: +86 6462-5505

There’s also the hotpot chain little fat sheep 小肥羊,but I was sick a few times after hotpot there, so I won’t recommend it.

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