Hong Kong Bites: La Crêperie

Spent a great Sunday with @missnormality, her French man and mine. Weekends have actually been exceptionally enjoyable because I realised while trying to mend and strengthen what was broken, we never actually spent time in Hong Kong the last 9 months I’ve been here to properly enjoy the city as a couple, not that we did much somewhere else. I now have friends in this city, a semblance of a Hong Kong life, know my bus routes and actually know the city much better to take guests around when they visit. Yay.

I really enjoyed my crepes here, only that it gave me a really bad stomach after. Everyone else was fine, except me. I’m beginning to think it might have been the mussels I had for lunch earlier that day.

Love everything about this place, from the sketch of a lighthouse menu, to the lighthouse salt and pepper shakers and the cider. Good stuff.
la creperie hk

la creperie hk lighthouse

I chose the bigoudene galette, with ham, egg, cheese and mushrooms topped with salad (which I found random). This galette however was perfect.
la creperie galettes

Everyone loves a crepe suzette and the theatre of it :)
crepe suzette

We shared a nutella crepe with bananas, could have done with more nutella — but everyone can do with more nutella. :)
nutella crepes


La Creperie
1/F, Kui Chi Mansion,
100-102 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2529 9280

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