Age and Weight Are Evil Things

It’s already November that means 6 weeks to 2012! I decided not to wait for a new year for new resolutions. My life has fallen into a routine of exhaustion and the lack of any exercise, so I decided to shake things (and my waistline) up abit. My eyesight is deteriorating from staring at illuminated screens all day and night, my muffin top has morphed into a permanent life bouy and I barely fit into my skinny jeans without feeling like I have deep vein trombosis. I’ve stopped having time or energy to go running after work because there’s always something more fun and social to do, or I’m just plain exhausted prefering to take comfort in my greatest love — carbohydrates.

Very often these days, I feel like Jabba the hut and am seeking salvation!


Since I can’t fit exercise into the schedule, I have been making an effort to walk that 15-20mins to the MTR station instead of taking the tram. Besides it’s great weather, no sweaty armpits and what not. Age is an evil thing, your metabolism slows down and you really feel the effects of hangovers, a workout and that wonderful cheese chariot AND dessert buffet you just helped yourself to. Instant life bouy, anyone?

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